Hybernation Ends Today!

by Kevin Evans, Senior Center Lead – Houston Senior Center Spring is finally here! The bunnies are hopping, the birds are chirping, and the bears are starting to look or food…as evidenced by the holes in the top of my metal trash can. If the bears are coming out of hibernation, perhaps it’s time for

Keep Your Keys

The Keep Your Keys Program is now being presented by SeniorAge. This isa free driver-safety course created for people 55 and older. As one ages, there are four factors that can affect driving:Decreased flexibility and strengthDecline in vision and/or hearingCognitive issuesMedication interactions This 30 minute presentation will help you become safer on the roads and

Winter is a perfect time to declutter

How to Start Getting Started with DeclutteringBy Amity Farr formerly with Simple Fly Life When someone has “too much stuff,” getting underway with finding freedom from stressmay look impossible. The collection of knickknacks, memorabilia, and whatzamacallitslooks like a fortress on a hill, standing in the way of living your best life.Friend if this is you,

Let’s Share the Love Together

Share the Love Did you know that SeniorAge is a member of Meals on Wheels America? When you support Meals on Wheels, you are supporting seniors righthere in the Ozarks. That’s why we’re proud to partner in once again in this year’s Subaru Share the Love Event. When you purchase or lease a new Subaru

Every Wednesday is BINGO Day!

Here at SeniorAge Agency we host a weekly bingo event where participants come to play, socialize, and compete for a prize! It’s a fun game we launched late last year to help combat loneliness and isolation among seniors – but anyone can play. Many of you have played Bingo with your family growing up, in

Who are you today?

We’ve launched into a wild and crazy 2021, but we can all look back and grasp (or gasp) at the lessons learned, the fears and struggles overcome, and the positive impact we have and still can make on others. We can move forward in one of three ways: Dwell on the past Live in the

We’re Making Aging the Best It Can Be

In March 2016, Southwest Missouri Office on Aging officially became SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging. This fresh rebranding has helped people more easily understand who we are and who we serve. Sixty plus, Aging in the Ozarks, and Golden Agers were just a few of the possibilities that made the cut.  Birds soaring in the